Top 5 Benefits of Vegan Makeup and Mineral Makeup

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vegan makeup

Why is mineral based and vegan make-up such a big deal these days? Is animal based testing all that bad? What are the benefits of mineral makeup or vegan makeup? Let’s look into these questions together. Women have worn makeup for centuries. Some used it as body art, others as a beauty regimen, and still others to enhance their appearance. … Read More

Eyebrow Waxing vs. Eyebrow Threading, Things You Must Consider

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eyebrow threading

Are you trying to decide between eyebrow threading or eyebrow waxing? Eyebrow threading uses 100% cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs, a method originating in Asia. It’s difficult to determine where eyebrow waxing originated but it’s typically considered more of a Western than an Eastern method of removing hair. Let’s look at two popular methods for removing unwanted eyebrow hairs. … Read More

Nancy Reagan Shares Her Skincare Coach {Top 3 Secrets}

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In 2012, Nancy Reagan, Skincare Coach, was profiled by the New York Times (online and in print) for this unique service. It was truly a complete surprise, and resulted from an interview coordinated by HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Here’s what writer Alix Strauss had to say after her interview with Skincare Coach Nancy: FOR the last two years, Marlena … Read More