Mothers Day Gifts – The Bella Reina Way

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Mothers Day Gifts When it comes to shopping for the person who brought you into this world (and can take you out of it…), it is not always so easy. Sure you could always take her out to dinner or make her breakfast but don’t you wish you could give Mothers Day Gifts she would never forget? Something that says … Read More

3 Great Gifts for Administrative Day (To Reduce Workplace Stress)

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This week is devoted to gifts for Administrative Day. Wednesday is supposed to be the big celebration. But the whole week is about appreciation for your right hand secretary, assistant, or whatever you may call them. They are that one person you cannot live without. How can you possibly thank them enough? Can you show them how much you appreciate … Read More

Administrative Professional Day | From a Spa View

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Has your boss or team given you a title that means you are included in¬†Administrative Professional Day? Then this week honors ¬†you and gives thanks to all of those people who help make an office or a spa run. This means the secretaries, the spa concierges, the office assistants, the spa attendants, or the receptionists. Anyone who makes a well … Read More

Waxing Tips from Our Master Esthetician Vanessa

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Getting waxing tips from the spa pros means spring is here! Today, our very own Vanessa Sullivan lends her advice on waxing….when, why, how, and of course, she discusses the PAIN from waxing. Here is my interview with Vanessa and no worries, she covers it all. N. When to get waxed? V. Waxing can be done anytime, but is best … Read More

Celebrate WORLD HEALTH DAY | Start With YOU!

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As we celebrate World Health Day, it’s a reminder to celebrate your health. You can have everything in the world but without good health, it’s just not the same. 8 Ways to Celebrate WORLD HEALTH DAY Here are 8 ways from Bella Reina Spa to celebrate your health and it’s never to late to start today. FRESH AIR – Step … Read More

What Does A Facial Do For Your Skin?

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What does a facial do for your skin? Why get a facial? You may not be convinced that you need a facial until you find the right esthetician. Why, you may ask? Because the right esthetician can improve your skin in one facial – yes really, not kidding. Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons often poo-poo facials as not beneficial. We’ve … Read More