Winter Beauty Preview Launches with Dr. Grandel Ampoule Calendar

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Today, Bella Reina launches our Winter Beauty Preview with 8 fabulous weeks of specials. We are heading nose first into the holidays. Follow along so you can mark your calendar and not miss a day!

Each week will be an adventure into skin care, makeup and beauty treatments for Sunny South Florida’s winter beauty enthusiasts. This week marks the introduction of a sought after gift in the United States – the Dr. Grandel 24 Day Ampoule Calendar. It is $250 of intense, concentrated ingredients for only $125.95! What makes it special is that behind each door of the calendar is a day of beauty! Keep reading to see what else is in this fabulous calendar!winter beauty


Dr. Grandel Ampoule Calendar dr Grandel Beauty Planner
The 24 day Beauty Regimen. Surprise your skin and open a new door each day to find a treat that your skin loves and makes you shine! Get ready for fabulous holiday skin with the ultimate beauty gift.

Surprise your skin! – open a new door each day to find a treat that your skin loves and makes you radiant. Behind each door are 25 highly concentrated effect ampoules (serums):

Included in this Winter Beauty coveted calendar are the following:

1 Ampoule Each of the Following:

  • Beauty Flash -> Refined & Even
  • Beauty Xpress -> Rejuvenated & Refreshed
  • Beauty Sleep -> Soothed & Regenerated
  • Collagran -> Restructure with Plant Sourced Collagen
  • Contour Lift -> Lifted & Firmed
  • Epigran -> multi-active essence from wheat germ that smoothes & firms
  • Nutri Sensation -> nourished & regenerated
  • Oxygen -> Revitalized & Rejuvenated
  • Retinol -> Softened & Lightened
  • SOS -> Soothed & Destressed
  • Cell Repair -> Detoxed & Renewed
  • Hydro Active -> Refreshed & Moisturized

2 Ampoules Each of the Following:

  • Instant Smoother -> Get the Photoshopped Look With This Ampoule
  • Hyaluron at Night -> Constant Moisture Throughout the Night
  • Hyaluron -> Plumped & Wrinkle Filler
  • Hyaluron Moisture Flash -> Instantly & Deeply Moisturized
  • Forever 39 -> Firmed Facial  for all Vertical Lines

3 Ampoules Each of the Following:

  • BeautyGen Renew -> Detox & Repair the Skin

Plus what would any Winter Beauty Ampoule Calendar be without an ampoule mini bar! Combine these 24 days of beauty with a Bella Grande Facial or a Dermaplaning Facial.

In the words of Billy Crystal and Fernando Lamas – You will LOOK Marvelous!