Waxing Tips from Our Master Esthetician Vanessa

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Getting waxing tips from the spa pros means spring is here! Today, our very own Vanessa Sullivan lends her advice on waxing….when, why, how, and of course, she discusses the PAIN from waxing. Here is my interview with Vanessa and no worries, she covers it all.

N. When to get waxed?

V. Waxing can be done anytime, but is best after your menstruation. Waxing after menstruation is especially important for the bikini area, legs or a full Brazilian. Men, you can come anytime, because the pain is the same. {she chuckles}Vanessa Sullivan - Esthetician at Bella Reina Spa

N. Speaking of men, what is the most popular waxing for men?

V. For men, back waxing or eyebrow waxing is the most popular. My waxing tips for men: It only takes only 15 minutes and I can transform you from a “dud to a stud”.

N. What is your number one way to avoid pain from waxing?

V.  With high quality wax, (I like hard and soft wax) and expert waxers, you really should not worry about pain. One of my biggest waxing tips is to take an ibuprofen an hour prior to the waxing if you’re really sensitive.

N. I hear you recommend a secret product for after waxing….want to share?

V. Yes, exfoliation is absolutely crucial, so using a scrub is super important to prevent ingrown hairs. You have three (3) stages of hair growth and hair is always in the follicles somewhere. To ensure that it comes to the surface and does not grow into the skin, exfoliation is key! I have this product that I love that we sell at the spa. It is my secret waxing ninja tip! You will have to come in for a wax to find out!

N. What other waxing tips and advice do you have for our waxing newbies?

V. Avoid hot tub, pools and direct sun if you are waxing for the first time. Always wear sunscreen anytime after a wax service. Alert the technician that you are or are not using exfoliants on the skin. Anything you can  think with any of your products that might contain retinol or retinoids. If you aren’t sure, feel free to bring in your products for us to take a look at. We’re skin nerds, so we would be more than happy!

Nwaxing tips hairy bikini. Have often should you wax?

V. Waxing should start about once every 3 weeks when you first start. You may see some hair in between for the first couple of months until we get all of the hair on one growth cycle. The growth cycles are better explained in depth on Wikipedia. This is one of the best waxing tips yet, because once you’ve mastered the cycle phases, you will only need to come once every 4-6 weeks! That saves time! and if you absolutely have to shave in between – its not the end of the world, just let us know!

N. I understand that you are passionate about waxing, because it is not cruel to animals. Can you explain?

V. Yes, the razor industry is notorious for testing razors and products on animals. I’m very much against that. So waxing is a cruel-free way to rid the body of hair.

Thanks to Vanessa for lending us her waxing tips expertise. Those wishing to make an appointment or if you have questions regarding waxing services, please feel free to call the spa at 561-404-7670.