Waterproof Eyeliner

Waterproof Eyeliner

For a lot of people, eyeliner is either something that they put on everyday religiously or something they use to poke their eye out. Let’s face it some of us just don’t have the skills to make those perfect wings or cat eyes but what if we told you it was about to get a lot easier? At Bella Reina, we are always trying to make the makeup world a better place and with our new Waterproof Eyeliner, we really have.

Our newest product is doing more than just turning heads while we walk down the Ave. After our pen was discovered by legendary stylist Derek Warburton and passed on to celebrity makeup artist Justin St. Clair we were greeted with overnight success. We could not be happier with our smudge and sweat proof product that continually defines the eye perfectly all day and all night long. We wanted to make sure that everyone could have the style and look the we see on the red carpet on award shows and the faces of our favorite celebrities.

So what sets us apart?

The first thing you will notice about our waterproof eyeliner is the perfect tip. We spent months making sure that we had a product that would stand apart from the competition because it was unique and unlike anything else on the market. Our exclusive ultra-extra fine felt-tip does not just make a line it makes the perfect line. This tool is like a precision instrument of fashion and can make your eyes looks as delicate or fierce as you like. We made sure that our Waterproof Eyeliner dispensed just the right amount of color so that you can get a perfect line every time. Also, a lot of people think that their eyeliner is waterproof. Those are the same people who suffer from raccoon eyes after a walk down the beach or after a few tears. We know you don’t want to look like them, so we made sure that our Waterproof Eyeliner was. Whether you are watching the notebook for the hundredth time or just got the surprise of your life you are going to look just as good as when you applied your makeup at first.

Waterproof EyelinerIf you have been looking for a cosmetic that will not quit you are going to be happy you found us. We are happy to announce that our amazing makeup comes in four excellent different colors. We have our classic black which is perfect for everyday use, a stunning brown that will compliment nearly every skin tone, a bright blue for when you want to change up your look, and a purple you will never forget that we are always trying to keep in stock. Still not sold? Try our World Famous products and see for yourself that we are more than just another makeup company. We truly want everyone to enjoy our products as much as we do. Don’t forget to take a selfie and use #BellaReina to show off your amazing new look to the world!

Waterproof Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen - by Bella Reina
This famous little pen has dressed the eyes of celebrities and just about anyone who wants a "perfect line every time".
Bella Reina
Manufactured by: Bella Reina
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