Vegan Bronzing Powder

Everyone wishes that they had time to lay out on the beach to get that sun-kissed look but what if you don’t have time? Speaking of laying out are you prepared for the after effects of harmful UV rays that could lead to serious health issues in the future. Our unique vegan bronzing powder gives you the appearance of sun-kissed, healthy, tan skin.

When we decided that we were going to make a bronzing powder we wanted to make sure that the color palette was just right. At Bella Reina, we did not want people to know that we hadn’t just left the beach or got off the water we wanted everything to look natural. Since we already had experience in developing the best vegan makeup we used our experience to create Bella Reina 7 Free Vegan Bronzing Powder.
Vegan Bronzing Powder
The first Bronzing Powder that we created was called Luxe Tan, and it is a true to style brown bronzer. It features a stunning gold shimmer and it perfect for those looking for a classic bronzer glow. When our favorite clients started telling us they loved our products we decided the one vegan bronzing powder was not enough, so we created our second color called Nice Tan.

When we develop a product, we want it to be nothing short of perfect. We always ensure that our Bella Reina products perform exactly what our friends and clients expect and are always cruelty-free, vegan, skin friendly and healthy. We believe that there is no sense in putting on products that are not going to benefit your skin and your life. We also had to make sure that when you used our Vegan Bronzing Powder that your skin didn’t look orange or painted but natural and flawless like the beautiful person you are. On top of looking amazing we had to make sure that your skin looked amazing even when you weren’t wearing it and by that, we mean it had to leave your skin healthy. Finally, we made sure that it was free of harmful chemicals that would clog your pores and leave you feeling sick.

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Vegan Bronzing Powder
Cruelty Free - Vegan - Natural Look And Feel
Bella Reina
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