Why a Microderm Facial One Of the Best All-Around Facials!

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Why a Microderm Facial is Best

Wonder why the Microderm Facial continues to be a facial winner? Back in the day (middle 1990’s), the latest in skin exfoliation was this “sandblasting machine”.  Abrasion of the skin has been around since early Egyptian days. As a result of the skin physiology research by Dr. Peter Pugliese, it helped take aesthetics and microdermabrasion to the next level. His education of the skin properties and training helped us understand the benefits of a microderm facial.

Back in the day, the machines were closed looped, which meant that the abraded skin cells went into the crystals. But the machines had throwaway canisters that contained the dead skin (yuk). When a treatment was complete, we would throw away the canister.

As a result of old technology, the crystals were aluminum dioxide or there might have been a diamond wand used. If not performed properly, the wand could damage capillaries and the crystals could cause damage to the skin. That is old technology.

The NEW Microderm Facial

Gone are the days of canisters, sandblasting and pain. The new ultrasonic peel facial actually has many, many benefits:

  • No pain because the skin abrasion is done ultrasonically.
  • Less trauma to the skin with much better results. The dead skin vibrates off the skin. It abrades the skin ultrasonically. (super cool)
  • Because of less damage to the skin, the new  builds collagen and elasticity easier. This process releases serums in the skin which re-hydrate the skin.
  • Ultrasonic peeling also aids in the absorption of serums into the skin.
  • Removal of dead skin cells reveals softer and brighter skin.
  • Can be performed every 28 days. Is a great add-on to other skin treatments because it is not so invasive.
  • The new Ultrasonic peeling Microderm Facial is used to treat pigmentation, light scarring, sun damage. It is excellent in the treatment of “blackhead” acne.
  • The skin is gently sanded ultrasonically to remove the outer layers, revealing newer skin.

Collagen is a protein within the skin and as science and the study of skin treatments have advanced, we don’t want to “thin” the skin as we grow older. By the use vitamins and treatments like the new Microderm Facial, the aestheticians at Bella Reina Spa insure that your collagen production increases. This will leave you with radiant, smoother and younger looking skin.

For further information on Ultrasonic Peeling or the New Microderm Facial, call the spa at 561-404-7670.