Delray Beach MASSAGEdelray beach massage- therapeutic touch - foot reflexology

Our Delray Beach Massage and Spa Treatments offer you an expert’s rhythmic and relaxing therapeutic touch. Included in the price are upgrades that many other spas would charge extra.

The Bella Massage Difference

  • sensory approach to a wellness
  • therapeutic warm 12-herb pillows
  • cold/hot eye pillows
  • steamy hot towels
  • your choice of aromatherapy

With our organic lavender eye pillow for your eyes, a choice of aromatherapy oil, and a heated herbal flax seed neck pillow,  your mind and body are restored with our luxury massages.

All of our massages use Organic Massage Cream. The most popular are our Bella Body, the Reflexology Foot Massage, and our infamous “Fassage”. Take time for a spa getaway today.


60 Minutes


Choose the signature Bella Massage that is universally relaxing and good for the whole body. Each part of the Bella Body Massage is infused with aromatherapy and sensory triggers that transport you to a stress-free spa getaway with therapeutic touch. The glowing sugar back scrub exfoliates the skin with pure cane sugar crystals and skin softening safflower oil. The Rosehip Argan Oil has a cult-following because of its age-reversing damascene rose otto and sandalwood that rejuvenate with a heavenly scent. With the combination of aromatherapy, massage, compresses, scrubs, exfoliation, and luxurious oils, the Bella Body Delray Beach Massage delivers a therapeutic spa escape that balances the mind, restores the soul and relieves stress. Available in a series of 6 or 12.


60 Minutes
90 Minute


When you want a full body massage your way, customize with your choice of techniques and modalities. Choose from aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology or swedish to make your spa massage unforgettable. Available in a series of 6 or 12.


40 Minutes


This sensory “foot and body” treatment is designed to inspire soul-lifting relaxation and leave your body feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated. It begins with aromatherapy, which prepares your body to cocoon in bliss. Next your feet will journey to the lands of bliss as the peppermint stimulates each trigger point. Next they are wrapped in a warm clay mask rich in essential proteins, vitamins & anti-aging beta-hydroxy acids and topped with warm booties. While the feet are deeply conditioned and rejuvenated, this peaceful experience continues with an out of body upper shoulder and neck massage.


60 Minutes
90 Minute

This well-known Delray Beach massage has slow, deep pressure and skillful hand movements that target stressed muscles. As  the deep tissue massage unlocks tension and relieve pain, it is ideal for pre or post workout massage.


80 Minutes

A combo of our marvelous massage and the Quick Facial Refresher meet for a single appointment creating the ultimate spa getaway. The pampering begins with a custom therapeutic massage and ends with a facial, a body and face regimen for healthy skin that provides cleansing, purifying, re-hydrating, and relaxation. This delightful treatment includes arm and leg work, as well as facial, scalp and neck massage.


30 Minutes
50 Minute


Massage research now reveals that it increases the PGC-1alpha gene by up to 30%. This gene helps muscle cells build mitochondria, the “engines” that turn a cell’s food into energy. Few experiences in life can compare to the benefits of receiving an outstanding massage under the trained hands of a professional massage therapist. Our marvelous Delray Beach massage is a therapeutic synergy of Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques. All are customized to relax, renew and revitalize mind and body.


50 Minutes


Designed especially for women experiencing the typical discomforts associated with pregnancy. With gentle massage techniques and organic massage creams, this massage assists in releasing lower back pain, reducing water retention, and increasing leg circulation. Studies have shown that massage is extremely beneficial for the baby and the mother.

*Please make sure to let us know if you are taking any medications or have any special conditions. Pregnancy massage is only after the 1st trimester.


10 Minutes
20 Minutes
50 Minutes


This combination treatment encourages the body to naturally balance and correct itself through the ancient art of reflexology (stimulation of trigger points in the feet and hands). Foot massage is a quick and easy way to relieve stress. Specialized pressure techniques are applied to points on the feet. Each point releases blocked energy, relieves stress and boosts circulation.


Choosing to have a massage in Delray Beach leaves with the search of where to go. It always leaves you with questions regarding the massage therapists training and abilities. Rest assured, our therapists are some of the best in the industry. They focus on every knot and muscle pain, while also realizing that a massage not only helps the body, but the mind too. Having a Bella Body Massage at Bella Reina Spa will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and relieved from stress. Our Delray Beach massages are legendary with clients booking our Spa Massage on a weekly or monthly basis.

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