What is a Facial?

Nancy ReaganFacial FAQ

A facial helps to keep your skin healthy, well-exfoliated and the pores clean. Having a regular facial is important for many reasons:

  1. Your skin changes with humidity, stress, hormones and age. With all of those factors, having a professional facial allows the esthetician to evaluate your skin and provide the best treatment for your skin issues.
  2. A professionally trained esthetician reviews your skin under a magnifying lamp (unlike at the department stores or drug stores). They touch and feel the skin, reviewing the issues and treating them properly.
  3. A Do-It-Yourself facial does not begin to treat acne or dehydration of the skin properly. Regular facials help with those that try to pop their zits (and scar) at home. Additionally, because of the professional products used, the health of the skin is balanced properly and pores cleaned.