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Smart For Life
Bella Reina Spa is a Smart for Life Affiliate Weight Management Center.

How would you like to burn 3,500 calories, or one pound, every two days?  The Smart for Life Program is a healthy way for quick and safe weight loss. Your individual treatment will be evaluated weekly.  Smart for Life is a personalized program to help you reduce weight with natural, hunger-controlling, good-for-you Smart Cookies, delicious protein bars, & healthy soups.

The Smart for Life® Diet Makes Losing Weight and Keeping It Off a Lifestyle You Can Live With. A Healthy and Nutritious Success You Can Enjoy.

Lose Weight Easily without the Hunger - Reason #1Your Personal Health

Smart for Life® provides a safe and efficient way to lose weight by eating all-natural, appetite suppressing meal replacement products made without toxins and preservatives. You will keep your hunger satisfied and your metabolism revved up for optimum fat burning – you will see weight loss success within days of following the Smart for Life® Cookie Diet Program.

Lose Weight Easily without the Hunger -
Reason #1-Affordable Diet Program Pays for Itself

The cost of our diet products that replace breakfast, lunch or snacks is less than $8 per day. Most people spend more than that just for lunch and a snack, not even counting their breakfast expense. So, we feel at the Smart for Life®, it is safe for us to say that our weight loss program is practically free.

Made with all natural and 60% organic ingredients, our Smart Cookies, Shakes, Muffins, Soups and more, are delicious and available in a variety of flavors. The Smart for Life® Cookie Diet Foods combine a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and other nutrients that leave you satisfied, control your hunger naturally, and provide the opportunity to reach your weight loss goals once and for all.

Learn how your body works, why you may not be losing weight and how you will be successful in losing weight. Choose how you want to lose the weight and which program is right for you. Choose from low glycemic eating or Smart for Life program. During this consultation you will have deeper understanding of your body, why you can eat some things but not others and how insulin controls your weight fluctuations. Bella Reina is where weight loss happens in Delray Beach. The success rate is high because of the personal attention and customized program.
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Ask questions, track your progress, and keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals. Recommended 12 weeks.
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