Recently, the Wall Street Journal had an article all about eyebrow tinting as the latest rage. Increasing in popularity, this spa service deserves accolades as the number one service that can change the way you look in seconds. (maybe eyelash tinting is a close second)Eyebrow Tinting_Bella Reina Spa

What is Eyebrow Tinting?

A Bella Reina esthetician (we call them Arch Angels) carefully selects the right color for you. And there is a color for everyone! Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Silver (we like to call it silver sounds better than Gray) and Auburn. The color used is from vegetables for all of you vegans out there.

Choosing the right color is like makeup for the brows. You have to match the color to your complexion. If your hair is blonde, and your skin undertone is blue, than a warm middle brown is not going to look okay. It is also not a great look to have red eyebrows with red hair (when hair stylists dye brows to match your hair). The right color is super important.

It is then mixed with a developer and painted on every individual brow hair. This method allows the hair (not the skin) to absorb the color.  After a few minutes, the color has set and the eyebrows will look fuller, natural and polished. With only minutes, an eyebrow tinting can transform brows to fabulous with custom-blended color. Most tints will last three – four weeks, but for those that are super active, two weeks is a better update.

Normally, brows are tinted prior to waxing or shaping. That is because the very fine hairs which may be hard to see pick up the eyebrow tint. This allows the arch angel to shape the brow with as much of your natural hair as possible.

What are some reasons for Eyebrow Tinting?

  1. For starters, you don’t have to draw or fill in your brows everyday.
  2. It makes them appear fuller and thicker.
  3. Less maintenance.
  4. Brows don’t look drawn on, waxy or fake.
  5. Like waking up with makeup on.

Questions on Eyebrow Tinting

Q. Can you tint while you are pregnant? A. Consult with your physician before tinting.

Q. Will eyebrow tinting make me look fake or funny? A. If done properly, the color is customized for your skin tone and your hair. Make sure the esthetician knows that you like a natural brow.

Q. Does swimming make lighten the eyebrows? A. Almost all athletic activities will lighten the brows, but swimming lightens them the most. The chlorine in the water affects the vegetable dye just like hair dye.

Q. How long before I can wash my face after eyebrow tinting? A. It is best to wait until 3-4 hours after tinting to wash. Also, try not to use a oil pre-cleanser. Using a vegan Makeup Remover will help remove the eye makeup without bothering the actual dye. 

Q. How long does it last? A. Eyebrow tinting will last for 3-4 weeks unless you are very active. If you are super athletic with activities like hot yoga, cycling or beach body classes, then you will want to come in more often.

Q. Why can’t I just use a eyebrow pencil and get the same results? A. For daily low maintenance, eyebrow tinting is definitely the way to go. It looks more natural than a pencil, and you will not see any marks.

Q. Should I heave-ho into the trash my eyebrow pencil? A. Don’t be so quick to toss out a close friend. You will need that pencil to fill in any gaps that your own brows don’t fill. Plus, you will always need brow gel. For more natural looking eye pencils, check out the Bella Reina Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils.