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The Bella Reina Spa

A Delray Beach oasis for clients to relax, repair & renew with results.

Famous for its friendly, warm atmosphere, guests are showered with TLC as they enter this sparkly relaxation oasis. Bella Reina Spa offers expert knowledge on skin care services, and facials. The goal is to provide affordable spa treatments that help you develop a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Known for the most talented team in the business (and nicest), this pint-size powerhouse spa offers state of the art treatments featuring the best in beauty. Options include organic, vegan and medical grade spa treatments with a smashing retail boutique. Three cozy treatment rooms and an elegant attention to details makes Bella Reina the perfect destination for beauty-loving spa junkies.

We offer a variety of facial services to choose from.
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Biodroga Grande Facial

A combination of ingredients that received a Nobel Prize in 2003 provide the stimulation for increased moisture, brighter, radiant glow. Everything is doubled, including a double cleanse, double exfoliation and double masks. Includes neck treatment, eye treatment, Ampoule Ultrasonic penetration and an arm and hand treatment.

Available in a series of 6 or 12



The sister facial to the GRANDE, the Biodroga Glow uses cutting edge bioengineered ingredients to power this facial that keeps your skin looking youthful and refreshed. Firm, glowing skin that is tightened, exfoliated and deeply cleansed is only the beginning of this facial.. Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and very effective products.

Recommended Once a Month



See visible results immediately with no surgery needed with this facelift facial that re-educates the muscles and provides dermal nutrition to increase collagen and vital nutrients in the skin. The ultimate facial workout and rejuvenation for 30 years and up!

Available in a series of 6 or 12



Created by Dr. Peter Pugilese for his wife, who never wanted to “peel”, this cellular “workhorse” activates the repair systems in the body. Once a month is recommended to even out complexion, delay aging and reverse sun damage. Make your skin work on the inside like you were 20 years old.

Recommended Once a Month



Our most popular anti-aging facial spa treatments, the Ultimate Microdermabrasion Facial provides safe exfoliation with the CACI ULTRA. With ultrasonic microdermabrasion, it gently but effectively exfoliates, clarifies and deep cleanses skin and lymph. Includes analysis, double cleansing, masking, massage, extractions, enhance boosters, eye and lip repair.

Available in a series of 6 or 12


Couture Spa Facial

Master Estheticians determine your facial spa treatment needs. Includes analysis, double cleansing, double masking, massage, extractions, enhance boosters, eye and lip repair. Includes peptides and plant derived stem cells to correct and prevent aging. Repairs, hydrates and nourishes all skin types including sensitive, rosacea, and damaged skin.

Recommended Once a Month


Dermaplane Facial

Restore skin with this gentle exfoliation of the skin. Skin is prepped with a specialty fruit enzyme to brighten the skin. Leave with luminous ultra hydrated skin.

Recommended Every 2-4 Weeks


Dermaplane delux Facial

Power up the dermaplane facial with the addition of LED Red light, Hydrogel Collagen Mask and Ultrasound Penetration of skin growth factors. The extras wake up the collagen and elastin to help rebuild healthy skin.

Recommended Every 2-4 Weeks


Microneedling Collagen Treatment

A new generation of beauty treatment that focuses on rebuilding collagen. Pin size channels allow absorption and delivery of high powered serums. Remarkable changes can be seen for fine lines, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

Recommended Once a Month


acne facial

There is an initial skin consultation that evaluates every aspect of your skin, both internal and external factors. a facial spa treatment plan is established that incorporates peels, extractions, journaling, and home care. A beta-hydroxy salicylic acid cocktail peel is safe and outstanding resurfacing modality that has dual benefits. It reduces and treats all kinds of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment.

Recommended Once a Month


acne w/ LED light therapy treatment

One of the best facial spa treatments for teen acne or adult acne. This acne treatment combines the basic acne facial consisting of extractions and skin healing with LED Blue and Red Light Therapy. The light therapy heals the skin and helps with any scarring.

Recommended Once a Month


lite skin renew peel

This revolutionary skin renewal peels will change the image of your skin in just one application. Depending on the skin condition, peels can focus on hyperpigmentation, exfoliation, brightening, dull skin, lightening and more. Facial skin rejuvenation is achieved without excess skin irritation or downtime.

Recommended Once a Month


4 layer glow peel

Tighten and brighten the skin with this facial spa treatment. Four layers of vitamins and enzymes will penetrate to tighten the skin. Renew your skin and get back that healthy glow. For Rosacea, dull or tired, pregnant, dry or dehydrated, smoker’s complexion, post-microdermabrasion, or post-surgery.

Recommended Once a Month