Make Your Skin HAPPY with Ceramides [6 Ways to a GLOW]

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Make Your Skin Happy with Ceramides

Want to make your skin so happy it glows in 6 ways? Then let me introduce you to ceramides. Yes, this ingredient has been around for awhile, but no one realized that the large molecule could absorb into the skin.

You have probably heard of peptides, stem cells and retinols in skin care. But have you heard of Ceramides? Probably not. They are one of those ingredients that are workhorses in the skin and necessary. This ingredient has been used  in lotions, creams and cleansers for some time.

Researchers thought that they could not be absorbed into the skin. But research is showing that the skin can actually change from this ingredient. Plus, research is still ongoing. That said, the PubMED research on ceramides has not only interested researchers, but also the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. They (the researchers) know that the skin barrier is much better when the lipids protect against damage. Fancy that!

The consistency of ceramides are little waxy almost like agave or syrup. Combined with other ingredients, this “super-hero” ingredient really helps prevent moisture loss. Imagine that your skin is like a brick wall and in between each brick is the concrete. Well, ceramides are like the concrete between the layers of skin.

When you don’t have anything holding up the layers-gravity, elasticity and age make the layers sag. (that’s a terrible word, isn’t it!)

Here is the skin happy scoop: The top layer of your skin is held in place by fatty (not fat cells, but fatty) ceramides. Like I mentioned, it’s waxy and it acts like glue. Even better, they will make the skin magnets for water and help hold moisture in the skin.

After the late 30’s, the skin starts to lose lipids, hydration and ceramides. (Who knew?) Yes, when test subjects used this miracle ingredient, the skin’s moisture levels also stayed longer than skin that did not have any. This was a comment from a client who is in her early 40’s.

‘Having more mature skin, I need moisture boosts during the day over my makeup so it doesn’t settle into fine lines or look dry. A serum with ceramides gives me a nice dewy look with no shine or grease. No breakouts. The serum just soaks into the skin and gives the skin life.”

6 Happy Ways Ceramides Help Skin Glow?Ceramides Help Retain Moisture

  1. Help retain moisture and increase moisture retention
  2. Helps to protect from damage by stopping free radicals
  3. Helps dry, itchy skin and flaking skin
  4. Helps cells talk to each other (in esthetician language, it delays cell death)
  5. Helps diminish aging signs
  6. Helps protect against moisture loss and improves the suppleness of the skin

What Skin Treatments Contain Ceramides?

Guests can benefit from the Bella Grande Facial ($249 for 80 minutes) or the Lift n Glow Microdermabrasion Facial ($139 for 60 minutes). Both facials include exfoliation to remove dead skin, and intense hydration that includes hyaluronic acid and ceramides. The Bella Grande has more intensely hydrating masks and extracts that help plump and smooth fine lines. Both facials enhance the skin’s ability to hold moisture.

Where do Ceramides Come From?

There are many sources of ceramides both plant, synthetic and animal sources. It’s very important to know the source prior purchasing. Despite protests from animal activists like PETA, there are still animal-derived bovine ceramides in some skincare products. Not only are they from animals, but it can possibly carry viruses.

When they are from olive oils or brown rice, it can quickly penetrate the skin.

Which Skin Care Products Contain Ceramides?Ceramide Serum

Flawless Drops from Bella Reina is an example of instant silky, soft skin. Our serum, first created over 3 years ago, has a super hefty amount of ceramides and sphingolipids.

Ceramides are very important to the skin functioning properly. When skin becomes dry, dull and dehydrated, nothing can penetrate the skin and the breakdown of the skin begins. It’s important to exfoliate first, followed by serum and another cream or lotion to act as a barrier to the environment.

The loss of ceramides  is just one change that can happen in the skin as we age. When you understand the importance of this ingredient, it will make all of your dehydration and dry skin problems vanish. Plus it will keep your skin, strong and healthy.