Vegan Beauty Brand: Bella Reina Our Story


Vegan Beauty Brand When we think of a Vegan Beauty Brand, there are a lot of companies that come to mind. A lot of people will claim they are better at one thing or another but who knows? Sure one may have a lot of twitter followers or thousands of products. They could have stores all over the world but … Read More

Smart Shoppers Like Their Cosmetics Cruelty Free

Nancy ReaganBlog

Did you know that smart shoppers like their cosmetics cruelty free? Why might you ask? Even as advanced as the USA is with cosmetics and formulas, there are still companies that test on animals.┬áThe Humane Society has an extensive list of tests that are conducted on animals. These tests are performed usually for skin sensitivities and then the animals are … Read More

Aromatherapy Essential Oils by Bella Reina


Aromatherapy Essential Oils Aromatherapy Essential Oils are powerful plant extracts that have healing properties, that are often very strong. These oils are the pure healing essence of the flower. Don’t be fooled by the size of the bottle a few drops goes a very long way! These oils are not artificial and not like a fragrance. These oils can give … Read More