Bella PINK Alert: Eyebrows for Chemo Patients

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Eyebrows for Chemo Patients is our Bella PINK Alert topic as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For many women losing their hair can be more emotional than the cancer itself. The absence of eyebrows or eyelashes can be a signal that you are not well. The little bit of confidence that you have left can be boosted by bridging … Read More

Fall for a “Bewitching” Pumpkin Spa Treatment

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It’s never to early for you to fall for a Pumpkin Spa Treatment. The weather is still blistering hot and humid. But here in South Florida, we yearn for the fall, cooler weather and a breeze. It’s a time of the year that conjures up memories of family, fun, pumpkins, and spices. With that in mind, the team at Bella Reina … Read More

Best Vegan Makeup Brands – Chemical and Cruelty-free


Best Vegan Makeup Brands Are you looking for the best vegan makeup brands? Before deciding which brand is right for you, you first have to decide on your criteria. When Bella Reina started producing makeup, we decided we wanted to make the best vegan makeup. Here are the criteria we used: No Animal Products No Animal Testing Chemical-free Quality Cosmetics … Read More

Take a SPAcation in September!

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September is perfect time for a SPAcation! (See $99 Below!) It is usually that month where you start to get back into the swing of schedules. Children are back in school. Vacations are over. For those of you that are perennial caretakers, it’s time for some “me” time.  What….think of me? Yes, it’s more important than ever to take care … Read More

What is a Microneedling Facial and Why Should I Have One?

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What is a Microneedling Facial? It is a fabulous skin treatment that uses very, very tiny needles to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. This to the skin is an injury that causes the body to create more collagen in the treated area. The skin’s response is to plump, thicken and create new skin cells. This response over time … Read More

What is Collodial Silver and How Do I Use It?

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Clients will ask, What is Collodial Silver? And, our response is, “It’s the best little gel, in fact, it’s our number 1 selling product.”  Why you may ask? Because it works wonders for the skin and the entire body. It’s simply a miracle worker in a tube. Collodial silver has been on the market for years, but I actually found … Read More

3 Mistakes You Can Make in Choosing the Best Massage

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If you are trying to choose a spa for the best massage, here are 3 common mistakes you can make. In this world of Groupons, coupons, discounts and memberships, massage was almost turned into a commodity instead of an art. But that did not happen….for one big reason….Massage is an Art. Many big financial analysts and business people thought that … Read More

Spa is Clue Stop for Seek in City for Delray Beach

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On Saturday, July 30th, in Delray Beach, Bella Reina Spa played clue stop for the fun scavenger hunt. Each year the non-profit cancel hosts the Seek in the City Scavenger Hunt where businesses are clue stops and teams search the city to find the businesses. Bella Reina Spa is Clue Stop for Delray Beach Scavenger Hunt The teams of 4-5 … Read More