Natural Makeup, Vegan, Mineral, Cruelty Free Cosmetics- by Bella ReinaThe Story Behind Bella Reina Cosmetics –
Natural Makeup Inspired By Vegan, Mineral & Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

After twenty years of working with skin care and makeup clients, Nancy Reagan knew she wanted to create a simple, yet clean natural makeup line. She saw that there was a world of beauty inspired by luxury makeup that was loaded with chemicals and a vegan beauty world which looked brown and earthy. There was just not a brand out there that was clean, yet gorgeous, affordable and cruelty-free. The world needed something, and the something was natural makeup

Bella Reina Cosmetics Philosophy

Conscious of Cruelty-Free Ingredients

After suffering from horrific acne well into her mid-thirties, Nancy was acutely aware of the dangers of makeup ingredients on the skin. She also knew, as an experienced esthetician, that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body. Researching the importance of ingredients, Nancy designed Bella Reina Cosmetics as simple, beautiful and vegan where possible natural makeup.  The new makeup line needed to be clean from chemicals, mineral based, vegan, and gluten-free (because of Nancy). Add to add to that long list; the makeup needed to be made of cruelty-free ingredients and formulas.

Also, the makeup had to perform. She knew that sometimes when a product was coined “clean” consumers would think it wasn’t as effective. The results of Nancy’s natural makeup products speak for themselves, which is why you get our Bella Reina guarantee.

Savvy on Price

Nancy wanted Bella Reina Cosmetics to be affordable yet still come in elegant packaging. Again, her experience as an esthetician drove the development. She knew that some ingredients were more expensive than other natural products. Without them, the products would not perform as well; yet, she wasn’t going to compromise on those components. The products also had to work for sensitive or acne prone skin. The bonus, Bella Reina Cosmetics was designed for the savvy, smart beauty shopper who looks for natural makeup quality at a great price. Luxury cruelty-free makeup that fits any budget is what we made and what we are bringing to you.

Simple on Beauty

Nancy noticed that most of her clients didn’t wear a lot of makeup and when they did, it was very simple. Therefore, the line needed to be easy to use and simple to apply. Not a million colors or shades, but just the right ones. Watching clients at department stores inspired Nancy to keep the line minimal. She found that most women at makeup counters were overwhelmed by the choices and then end up choosing shades that did not go with their look, and the products were simply not what the consumer needed. By keeping the natural makeup line straightforward and down-to-earth, the products are easy to select without the typical makeup confusion.

Bella Reina Cosmetics with Conscious Savvy Beauty

Along the journey, Nancy rekindled an old relationship with Derek Warburton, celebrity stylist and visionary. This wonderful relationship led to the selection of Justin St. Clair as Bella Reina’s Creative Artistic Makeup Director. Justin brings beauty to the brand with a wealth of knowledge, hands-on techniques and a superb eye for color. His monthly celebrity sightings will keep you on your Instagram toes, as you never know who Bella Reina will be “on” next.

With the creative team, Bella Reina Cosmetics has found a niche in the beauty market with clean natural makeup in magnificent containers. Bella Reina calls it Conscious Savvy Beauty. Savvy on Price, Conscious of Ingredients and Simple on Beauty. These caveats and philosophies guided the creation of Bella Reina Cosmetics, makeup that is Cruelty-Free and available to everyone!

Natural Makeup

Bella Reina Cosmetics on the September 2015 National Cover and Editorial for La Palme Magazine.

One of the products that started it all and Justin’s favorite is the famous Little Black Eyeliner: The Best Black Eyeliner. Watching a client try to draw a line with a waxy pencil and have it smear all over inspired the felt-tip easy to use eyeliner. Each product has a reason that it was created and a why. When a client asked how to draw a winged eyeliner, and they needed a liner that was not messy, we made a natural makeup solution for them.

Natural Makeup
There have been several revolutions in the last few decades in the beauty and cosmetic world. Bella Reina organic beauty products have come to be recognized as some of the best and most effective for all kinds of skin types. This revolution has forced most skin care manufacturers to introduce different brands of makeup into the skin care market.

It is a very clear fact that skin care products made from chemicals come with many harmful effects in the long run. Chemicals and preservatives are very different from specialty ingredients like peptides and liposomes.  The human skin is known to be the largest organ in the human body and deserves the best care possible.  Natural makeup and beauty products provide much-needed nutrients and vitamins needed to keep the skin healthy at all times. The nutrients and vitamins help to rebuild the skin from the inside to the outside.

It is important to watch out for certain ingredients in skin care products you go for as some of these ingredients may cause problems like dryness, rash, and acne. Skin care products with plant-based oil extracts as their active ingredients are some of the best skincare products for your skin. Experts in the beauty industry often recommend and endorse organic skin care products against those made from chemically-synthesized ingredients because the natural skin care will not cause side effects.  On the other hand, there is much debate on whether the organic skin products can affect the DNA structure of the skin cell.  At the risk of seriously damaging your skin it makes choosing natural beauty products versus the ones with peptides, vitamins and stem cells a personal choice.

The Best Natural Makeup Is Healthy for the Skin

The best natural makeup contain no trace of chemical ingredients, which makes them very healthy for your skin. Some beauty products are not natural as they contain some questionable ingredients that have been linked with many skin problems.  Ingredients such as Sodium Laureth sulfate and Sodium Lauryl sulfate which are used as foaming agents can cause skin dryness and eczema when contained in your beauty products, especially cleansers. Diethanolamine known for its emulsifying and foaming properties can cause eye irritation if found in your skin care products. It is important to insist on products that contain natural vitamins and minerals that are known to protect your skin cells against damages and prevent accelerated aging.

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