Administrative Professional Day | From a Spa View

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Administrative Professional Day_ Bella Reina SpaHas your boss or team given you a title that means you are included in Administrative Professional Day? Then this week honors  you and gives thanks to all of those people who help make an office or a spa run. This means the secretaries, the spa concierges, the office assistants, the spa attendants, or the receptionists. Anyone who makes a well oiled machine like an office or a spa run like clockwork – yes, that’s you!

This means that with the stress of any business, the team (aka administrative professionals) need a stress release (like a massage or a facial or a pedicure) on Administrative Professional Day. These men and women are the backbone of any business or spa. And for those who don’t know, corporate wellness is on the rise.

Back in 1980, it was called National Secretary’s Day, and my first secretary was named Kaye. (I think they changed the name to Administrative Professional Day so that more people were inspired to make these positions a career) She was a little older than me, but she thought of her position as my right arm. And she was. She thought nothing of staying late or getting the job done. That’s what she did.

Even more so, she became a sounding board for a young, “first woman in a management position” at a male-dominated southern company. She was the eyes and ears for what was going on and the first to give the “boot” to a dumb idea.

She taught me that I was only as good as she was. If she was great, the week was great. She allowed me to grow into management without too many foot in mouth scenarios. She was my backbone and my inspiration. She also taught me respect for anyone who worked for me or depended on me for work.

In the spa, that means that we have spa concierges and spa attendants that keep the spa going like clockwork. It’s great to have a facial or a massage, but how do those rooms stay clean and perfect. Who helps with the tons of laundry? All of the details are what Administrative Professional Day is all about.

When you are looking for a gift for your team for Administrative’s Professional Day, look no further than a gift card or even a spa membership. Keep the backbone of your business healthy, stress-free and ready to tackle another day!